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ENVIRO Lady Sanitary Biodegrade Disposable Bin LID & BAG


Enviro Chemicals innovative and environmentally friendly Sanitary Disposal system

TerraCyclic is the only sanitary disposal unit in the world made from biodegradable plastic and designed not to be reused. It is completely safe to return to the Earth trough normal refuse disposal.

The latest in sanitary disposal systems!
Replaceable cartridge system – the lid & bag assembly is disposed of and a new one put in its place each time the bin is emptied. This ensures the bin is kept looking neat and tidy. Lid and bag assemblies are fully degradable, and can therefore be disposed of for decomposition in landfill.
Used in hotels, motels, schools, restaurants, shopping centres or commercial applications Endorsed by the carbon footprint association as helping to reduce carbon emissions Ideal for do-it-yourself sanitary disposal – especially in remote locations where service providors cannot provide regular services.
Height: 800
Diameter: 250

The Terracyclic system is endorsed by the Carbon Footprint association as assisting to reduce carbon emmissions
The cartridges (lid & bag sets) are fully biodegradeable, breaking down into oxygen and water after disposal

1) Flexibility (empty when required)
2) Minimal handling & cleaning (each new lid comes complete with a new bag with “saniquills” inside each bag)
3) Simple disposal (lid / bag completely made from biodegradable plastics – OK for normal refuse disposal)
4) Minimal storage required (lids come with bag folded up inside the lid)
5) No water use required
6) Wall mountable for mopping underneath if necessary.
7) Carbon Footprint Rating.
Making it ideal for:
Smaller businesses
Remote locations
Rest rooms with seasonal requirements
Sea based operations
Environmentally sensitive area’s
Secure or restricted facilities